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  1. Online Marketing Ides

    "Link Bait"

    with catchy article names and content like "99+ Internet Marketing Ideas"!
  2. Online Marketing Ides

    Build one-way links by:

    List in related quality directories Posting in related forums Commenting on related blogs Guest blogging Writing guest articles Submitting articles to directories Social bookmarking your site
  3. Online Marketing Ides

    Submit your site to the DMOZ directory

  4. Online Marketing Ides

    Create an affiliate program to promote your product or service.

  5. Online Marketing Ides

    Create a site targeted at a specific niche.

  6. Online Marketing Ides

    Get those same keywords in the link text of sites that are linking to you.

  7. Online Marketing Ides

    Use the same keywords in the body text of your content.

  8. Online Marketing Ides

    Create great content focused on your topic that people want to link to.

  9. Online Marketing Ides

    Track what search terms bring what conversions.

    Focus your keyword optimization efforts on the best performing keywords.
  10. Online Marketing Ides


    Write good relevant content Design your site for your users Follow Google's Guidelines
  11. Online Marketing Ides

    Track every promotional effort.

    What is working? What isn't working? Optimize what works, drop what doesn't work.
  12. Online Marketing Ides

    Write search engine optimized titles that use the words that your customer are searching for.

  13. Online Marketing Ides

    Make sure the sites you get links on are on the same topic as your site is.

  14. Online Marketing Ides

    Make your site search engine navigable. Search engines can't follow:

    Pure javascript dropdown menus or links Pages that are accessed by a form (login form, submit button, etc.)
  15. Online Marketing Ides


    have hidden text use cloaking spam keywords on the page duplicate content
  16. Online Marketing Ides

    Use web analytics to analyze where your visitors are coming from

    and going to so you can optimize your website design and content. Benchmark your changes to increase visitor retention and the amount of time they remain on your site. Try changing colors and layout to the colors and design that your target audience likes the most. Test colo... Read more.
  17. Online Marketing Ides

    Consider using a separate CSS file (.css) for your page design.

    The visitor only has to load this file once and then it's stored on their computer.
  18. Online Marketing Ides

    Purchase banner ads on sites with your same target market.

  19. Online Marketing Ides

    Offer freebies.

  20. Online Marketing Ides

    Don't be afraid to try new things.

    Internet marketing is a constantly evolving field and new ways to market an Internet business are always being born. Be sure to always track the results of the new marketing ideas.
  21. Online Marketing Ides

    Check out SEOmoz's Ranking Factors

    to see how some of the top search engine optimization experts rank the importance of different factors influencing your position in the search engines.
  22. Online Marketing Ides

    Try not to use frames.

  23. Online Marketing Ides

    Make every page accessible within 3 clicks.

  24. Online Marketing Ides

    Create an XML sitemap

  25. Online Marketing Ides

    Get listed in a paid directory like Best of the Web (BOTW) or Yahoo Directory.

  26. Online Marketing Ides

    Make a usable website.

    Simple navigation Clear call to action (How they can find out more or signup.) Readable font size Design tested in all major web browsers Look at Web Accessibility Initiative guidelines Checkout Bad Website Ideas
  27. Online Marketing Ides

    For local businesses include the names of the areas that you serve

    If someone searches for "Orange County spa" you want to show up in the results even if you are just north of Orange County. So, "Serving Orange County, Long Beach and the greater Los Angeles area".
  28. Online Marketing Ides

    Create a lightweight design that will load quickly on any internet connection.

    Nothing turns a visitor away faster than a page that won't load.
  29. Online Marketing Ides

    Use small compressed images with alt tags filled in with descriptions.

  30. Online Marketing Ides

    Research what words your potential customers are searching with.

  31. Online Marketing Ides

    Get quality relevant links from reputable sites.

  32. Online Marketing Ides

    Don't link to sites that are seen as bad sites by the search engines

    (Make sure they are well listed in Google)
  33. Online Marketing Ides

    Clean and minimize your design to focus the attention of the visitor on what is most important.

  34. Online Marketing Ides

    Have friends or family test your website and get there feedback.

    Did they know what your site was about? What they could do or get there? Was there anything that was annoying?
  35. Online Marketing Ides

    Don't pay a company to submit your site to the search engines.

    The search engines will find you as soon as you have links from other sites. (Directories, articles, etc.)
  36. Online Marketing Ides

    Write a press releases and publish them through a service like PRWeb.

  37. Online Marketing Ides

    Track your banner ads independently to see what works and what the ROI for each ad is.

  38. Online Marketing Ides

    Upload your product feeds to Google Products,

    Google Base, Shopzilla, NextTag and other product listing sites.
  39. Online Marketing Ides

    Get that content in front of the eyes of some of the more established sites in your topic.

    (By commenting on blogs, interacting in forums, etc.)
  40. Online Marketing Ides

    Have fewer than 100 links per page.

  41. Online Marketing Ides

    Focus your website layout on calling the visitor to action and building leads.

  42. Online Marketing Ides

    Submit articles to a site like eZineArticles.

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