Real Estate Agent Marketing Ideas

Be the best Real Estate Agent!

What can you be the best in?
It might even be the best at finding a very specific type of house for a very specific buyer, like modern design houses for artists. Be creative.
Have more ideas on how a real estate agent can be the best?

Be the top expert in your specialty.

Design a simple converting website.

A simple design, with easy to find information about you as a real estate agent and an even simpler and more prominent call to action. A simple formula that will perform better than any gadget filled real estate agent site out there.
Most people using the Internet know how to find where to look at real estate listings and probably already have looked at real estate before they even thought about looking for a real estate agent. Leave the MLS real estate listings and competition over those keywords to the real estate sites. You tell a story about you, that makes the visitor your client.

Capture more leads.

Begin a search engine marketing campaign to bring buyers and sellers to your website when people search for “Sell a house in your area” or “real estate agents in your area”.
There are several websites that offer buyers and sellers looking for a Realtor the opportunity to find one.

Maintain your relationships.

Start sending out a newsletter with useful information. Do it at least once a quarter, by email, post, or preferably, both.

Don’t rely on your website.

The Internet is a very competitive world for real estate agents.
Take caution to not avoid building relationships and as well as other forms of offline marketing.

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