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Email marketing companies are difficult to gauge when reviewing for your own needs. The main difficulties in selecting the right email marketing company for your own use is which one has the best setup for your intended use.

Per Subscriber vs. Per Email vs. Monthly Email Marketing Pricing Schemes
The pricing structures that the email marketing companies use can range from a per email price with no monthly fees, a monthly fee that has a maximum number of emails that can be sent and a monthly fee where an unlimited or higher number of emails can be sent to a specific number of subscribers.

What do you need?

It’s quite common to start with MailChimp as they offer their service free for up to 2000 subscribers. Great deal and a reliable company, but what does the pricing look if you already are over 2000 subscribers?

Company 3,000 contacts 6,000 contacts 25,000 contacts
MailChimp $50 $75 $150
Aweber $49 $69 $149
GetResponse $45 (37 yearly) $65 (53 yearly) $145 (119 yearly)


Our favorite for email marketing is GetResponse and we’ve been with them since… well I have no idea, years.

If they were just email marketing they would have a good price, but what I like is all the marketing extras that normally would cost money just by themselfs: Landing page creator, A/B testing, autoresponders, form builder, inbox preview/testing.

Email Marketing

Email marketing holds the highest ROI of any marketing idea.

Email Markeitng: $43.62 per $1 spent
Search Engine Marketing: $21.85 per $1 spent
Direct Print Marketing: $15.22 per $1 spent
Direct Marketing Association, Oct 2009

Yes, email Marketing deserves it’s own section on this site… and you deserve these tools, templates and tips to take your business to the top.

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4 Easy-to-Implement Email Marketing Tips

4 Easy-to-Implement Email Marketing Tips
To catch the attention of your target market and to maintain the loyalty of your existing customers, you need to have a good email marketing strategy. A lot of work should be put into planning and implementing an email marketing campaign as it can easily become one of your highest earning marketing strategies. To be successful with your email marketing campaign, there are certain things that you need to be able to offer your current and potential subscribers. The following four tips can help you get closer to that goal.

1. Exceptional & Relevant Content

Your email marketing campaign should be composed primarily of information that, although relevant to your offerings, does not focus on your products and services. Provide up-to-date content that your subscribers will find useful while, at the same time, letting them realize the benefits of what you have to offer. Make sure that each email you send is composed of well-researched content that is presented in a simple manner. If these are things you can offer through your email marketing campaign, you can be more confident that the people in your mailing list won’t unsubscribe and maybe even refer your newsletter offerings to others.

2. Character & Personality

Write your emails as if you were actually speaking to your mailing list subscribers. This will give your emails a hint of character and personality as well as allow your readers to become more acquainted with the way you think. Make your emails enjoyable by adding a touch of humor. Just see to it that you maintain professionalism.

3. Personalization & Customization

Don’t just send generic emails. Make use of your subscribers’ first name when writing or responding to their emails. An auto-responder can be used to accomplish this. Studies show that people are more likely to read correspondences when they see their names in the subject line and within the emails’ content. A touch of personalization and customization can go a long way for your email marketing campaign.

4. Special Promotions & Freebies

Promos and gifts are always a welcome sight. Offer freebies that are worthwhile. This will make your readers appreciate the benefits of being subscribed to your mailing list. In return, they will be more likely to support the services and products you offer.