Postcard Pricing Comparison


Postcard Printing Prices Explained

The postcard print pricing chart above shows the price for printing x number of postcards with either full color printing on both sides.

Postcard Weight and Thickness

postcard weight (lbs and grams) and points (the thickness, pt) are both used in the printing industry. To convert from pounds to points (from lbs to pt used in the chart) is not an exact conversion. A 100lb paper may be thicker than a 110lb paper of another material and a coating on the 100lb paper may make that again thicker than the 110lb paper. For the purposes of the postcard printing comparison chart we don’t display any prices for postcards that are less than 12pt as we feel anything less than a 12 pt thickness feels like a cheap postcard and that’s not an impression you want on you business. While most printers display the thickness (pt) of their postcards some only display the weight of the paper they print on. We convert these to the closest paper thickness we can guess. We convert 100lb to 12pt, 110lb to 13pt, 120lb to 14pt and 130lb to 15pt.

Postcard Gloss / UV Coating

For simplicity of the chart and because glossy postcards are more popular than matte postcards we only show pricing for a gloss or uv coating. This shows a more realistic price comparison since some of the printing companies offer to put a gloss coating on the postcards for free while others charge a fee for it.

Postcard Deals, Discounts and Coupons

The print industry loves offering deals and discounts all around and so we found it necessary to try and keep up with these current offers to give you, the customer, a fair and more realistic overview of what the best use of your money is. We display the date that we last updated the table on this page, but it still doesn’t mean that all the discount prices will still be in effect, nor that the coupons will still be valid.

Postcard Shipping Costs / Free Shipping

Because most shipping costs are calculated per location we do not add the shipping cost into the postcard pricing. We will attempt to place a note by the companies that offer free shipping.

Postcard Marketing Ideas

Postcards are a great marketing tool. It’s easier to grasp the content if you use it as a handout, not quite as intimidating as a full brochure. Of course you also can send postcards in the mail, but don’t feel that’s the only thing you can do with them. Try passing out full color postcards at your next marketing event and see what type of a response you get.

Postcard Printing Reviews and Comparisons

As always, it’s about finding the right printer for the job. We’ll help you narrow down your choices depending on how you want your postcards to look and how much you want to pay. You’ll find that different printing companies have different specialties and while one printer may have the lowest price for small quantities, they may not be the best choice for large orders.