Lesson #1 Not every business should use social media!

Don’t waste your time being in the wrong place

Social media is a meeting place to make connections with people. I have worked with too many large industrial companies that were convinced they needed to be on social media sites and proudly displayed their facebook like button with 13 likes.

Social media is a waste of time and resources if you are not going to make real connections with real people. The question: Is it worth it for your business?

Social media is an investment. You need to ask yourself some questions before you get started.

Story time!

I was working with a large multi-million dollar industrial company who had long before I came into the picture decided to create a Facebook page. They proudly displayed their 13 likes on their website. If you’re not going to  worth it!

#2 Setting up a social media account is 1/100th of the work.

Socail media sites are not about your profile, but about the content that you post. Too many businesses have tried to hire me to create their social media pages without having thought about what they were going to post or how they were going to communicate. See the work as the content you will be posting not getting the profile created. Then decide – is it worth it?

The only current exception to this rule would be Google+ pages for local businesses as it will impact how your business is displayed in Google Search.


Lesson 2:
Even if you can setup a social media page can you maintain it?
Social media is a conversation, if you don’t have a plan to maintain it, then don’t waste your time starting.

1. Have a strategy for regular engaging content. There is no rule for how often you should post and it varies depending on industry. Personally I wouldn’t post more than once a day and not less than once a month. Think about what your readers will want. Don’t let them forget you and don’t annoy them.
2. Your social media page is a contact page. People will ask questions and make comments. Who is going to respond to them?

What we’ve seen: