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  1. Search Marketing Ideas

    Use paid search engine marketing to drive traffic

    1. Create a search marketing budget. How much will you need to spend to get a sale? How much profit do you make per sale? How will you track and improve your ads? 2. Advertise through Google Adwords. Largest market, most searches Highest competition May need to focus on a sm... Read more.
  2. Search Marketing Ideas

    Use local search marketing area specifications to target a specific city or zip code.

    Again reducing competition and increasing effectiveness.
  3. Search Marketing Ideas

    Look for new niches and customer groups

    to offer your products and services to (web designer for automotive shops) to decrease competition.
  4. Search Marketing Ideas

    Track Your Search Engine Marketing:

    Track leads, track conversions, track what each keyword does or doesn't do for you.
  5. Search Marketing Ideas

    Adjust your campaign to explore more of the keywords that work

    and decrease bids on the keywords that don't preform as well.
  6. Search Marketing Ideas

    Create multiple landing pages and test the effectiveness of each landing page

    Test different layouts, different copy, different calls to action.
  7. Search Marketing Ideas

    Google's keyword tool is a free tools to help research what people are searching for.

  8. Search Marketing Ideas

    Use keyword tools to research what your potential customers are searching for.

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