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  1. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Follow up with your existing customers

    It is cheaper to market to customers you already have than to find new customers. Can you create a n...

  2. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Create a new product or service

    that is either better or cheaper than your current product.

  3. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Help your customers look good

    by offering your services to help them in a meeting, seminar or other event.

  4. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Ask for recommendations

    and new ideas from customers and employees.

  5. Search Marketing Ideas

    Use paid search engine marketing to drive traffic

    1. Create a search marketing budget.
    How much will you need to spend to get a sale?
    How much profit do...

  6. Email Marketing Ideas

    Track everything.

    Clicks, where they go, short term ROI as well as long-term projected ROI.

  7. Social Media Marketing Ideas

    Engage, don't automate.

    Unless you really engage your audience in a way that matters to them you probably are not going to s...

  8. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Create a marketing plan

    It's important that you always know the next step you can take to marketing your business. If you do...

  9. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Talk with everyone you meet about your business.

    You'd be surprised how many others are also looking for people to help them increase their business....

  10. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Creating a business marketing referral network

    helps generate permission based leads, new marketing ideas and the possibilities for joint advertisi...

  11. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Create a marketing plan and budget.

    What are your goals?
    how are you going to get there? (Budget, action steps, etc.)

  12. Local Marketing Ideas

    Ask those you know to help you find leads.

    Give them business cards or trinkets and ask them to hand them out if they run into someone interest...

  13. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Participate in a trade show

    get a booth or at least attend them and talk to people.

  14. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Build relationships with other business owners or professionals

    with the purpose of creating a business referral network. Find other business professionals at:


  15. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Get written testimonials

    from some of your customers and put them up in your store or online.

  16. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Ask a group of customer or employees

    to be a part of your advisory panel and run new products, services and pricing by them.

  17. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Have a brochure to handout to potential customers

    Also make brochures of new products and services to send to past customers.

  18. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Postcards can be one of the more affordable

    ways to get a new product or service in front of the eyes of past customers.

  19. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Offer something free:

    A consultation
    A gift
    Product Demonstration

  20. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Cross promote in or on products of other businesses that target your market

    You can get creative with this one. How about an optician partnering with a book store. Put large pr...

  21. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Host a business marketing forum and invite small business

    owners from your area to talk about business and marketing ideas that have and haven't worked.

  22. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Send your customers a newsletter (mail and email)

    Keeps your business in the front of their mind
    Generate repeat business
    Generate referrals

  23. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Help further your customers knowledge

    by sending them a tips or advice bulletin.

  24. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Target your market and watch for news,

    trends and events that effect that market.

  25. Local Marketing Ideas

    Hang up flyers, posters or business cards

    at community halls, libraries, or other local businesses, with their permission of course.

  26. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Hold open panel business forums

    that appeal to your potential customer groups.

  27. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Design attractive business cards:

    Hand out your business card to anyone who may need to contact you.
    Give those close to you, business ...

  28. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Write a book.

  29. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Hold a contest.

  30. Local Marketing Ideas

    Teach a class.

  31. Search Marketing Ideas

    Use local search marketing area specifications to target a specific city or zip code.

    Again reducing competition and increasing effectiveness.

  32. Social Media Marketing Ideas

    Publish your own blog

    Ping blog directories
    Use Feedburner

  33. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Send a postcard instead of a letter

    they are cheaper, already opened and can be seen by everyone who handles the mail.

  34. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Advertise on a billboard

  35. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Have a sale

  36. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Create a better store sign or logo.

  37. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Higher someone from your target market group

    to come up with new and creative marketing ideas.

  38. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Look for job offers or those looking for your product or service.

    Freelance sites
    Lead generation sites

  39. Local Marketing Ideas

    Hold open panel business forums in your community

    where community members can ask questions to your

  40. Local Marketing Ideas

    Host a BBQ.

  41. Local Marketing Ideas

    Advertise on local websites.

  42. Search Marketing Ideas

    Look for new niches and customer groups

    to offer your products and services to (web designer for automotive shops) to decrease competition.

  43. Search Marketing Ideas

    Track Your Search Engine Marketing:

    Track leads, track conversions, track what each keyword does or doesn't do for you.

  44. Search Marketing Ideas

    Adjust your campaign to explore more of the keywords that work

    and decrease bids on the keywords that don't preform as well.

  45. Search Marketing Ideas

    Create multiple landing pages and test the effectiveness of each landing page

    Test different layouts, different copy, different calls to action.

  46. Online Marketing Ides

    Build one-way links by:

    List in related quality directories
    Posting in related forums
    Commenting on related blogs
    Guest bloggin...

  47. Online Marketing Ides

    "Link Bait"

    with catchy article names and content like "99+ Internet Marketing Ideas"!

  48. Online Marketing Ides

    Track what search terms bring what conversions.

    Focus your keyword optimization efforts on the best performing keywords.

  49. Online Marketing Ides


    Write good relevant content
    Design your site for your users
    Follow Google's Guidelines

  50. Email Marketing Ideas

    Select a newsletter that is relevant and informative.

    Is it something that you would delete or actually read?

  51. Social Media Marketing Ideas

    Write articles for sites.

  52. Social Media Marketing Ideas

    Start a podcast.

  53. Social Media Marketing Ideas

    Create a "Squidoo Lense"

  54. Social Media Marketing Ideas

    Attend an online event.

  55. Online Marketing Ides

    Track every promotional effort.

    What is working? What isn't working? Optimize what works, drop what doesn't work.

  56. Viral Marketing Ideas

    Make a rebrandable ebook

    with your product links and allow your affiliates to add in their own affiliate links.

  57. Viral Marketing Ideas

    Have a promotional competition.

    Who can send the most visitors, who can make the most sales, generate the most leads.

  58. Local Marketing Ideas

    Get advise from those that have been there before.

    FitSmallBusiness asked 63 of the pros for their advice. Here are a few of the highlights:

    • #1 - Build ...
  59. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Place your contact information on the products

    you sale so the customer always knows how to get in touch with you.

  60. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Hold an event outside your store

    or invite a non-profit group to hold an even outside your store.

  61. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Have ready-to-launch promotions

    stored up for when neighboring stores have a large advertised sale so you can catch some of the extr...

  62. Online Marketing Ides

    Make your site search engine navigable. Search engines can't follow:

    Pure javascript dropdown menus or links
    Pages that are accessed by a form (login form, submit button,...

  63. Online Marketing Ides


    have hidden text
    use cloaking
    spam keywords on the page
    duplicate content

  64. Email Marketing Ideas

    Send quality informative content in your newsletter.

    People sign up to your newsletter because they are interested in what you do and who you are. Give t...

  65. Email Marketing Ideas

    Advertise in email newsletters

  66. Online Marketing Ides

    Use web analytics to analyze where your visitors are coming from

    and going to so you can optimize your website design and content. Benchmark your changes to increase...

  67. Online Marketing Ides

    Consider using a separate CSS file (.css) for your page design.

    The visitor only has to load this file once and then it's stored on their computer.

  68. Online Marketing Ides

    Offer freebies.

  69. Online Marketing Ides

    Don't be afraid to try new things.

    Internet marketing is a constantly evolving field and new ways to market an Internet business are al...

  70. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Keep your information simple and understandable

    so your customers can easily grasp the knowledge you have for them.

  71. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Send informational brochures

    when a new product or service that they may be interested in comes out.

  72. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Ask your customers how you can better server them

    listen to them and make the changes necessary.

  73. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Advertise in coupon books.

  74. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Hang up flyers, posters or business cards

    at community halls, libraries, or other local businesses with their permission of course.

  75. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Distribute cards

    where the customer gets something free after a certain number of purchases.

  76. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Offer a discount to a target group:

    Offer special pricing to a specific club
    Offer a discount to event attendees
    Give out coupons for the ...

  77. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Place a sign on top of or on the sides of your car

    while parked near your place of business.

  78. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Be Personally Accessible

  79. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Sponsor a team.

  80. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Sponsor an event.

  81. Local Marketing Ideas

    Sponsor a local event.

  82. Online Marketing Ides

    Check out SEOmoz's Ranking Factors

    to see how some of the top search engine optimization experts rank the importance of different facto...

  83. Online Marketing Ides

    Try not to use frames.

  84. Online Marketing Ides

    Create an XML sitemap

  85. Social Media Marketing Ideas

    Participate in blogging communities.

  86. Social Media Marketing Ideas

    Make your site easy to bookmark and share

  87. Social Media Marketing Ideas

    Write blogs for other blog sites.

  88. Social Media Marketing Ideas

    Host an online event.

  89. Online Marketing Ides

    Make a usable website.

    Simple navigation
    Clear call to action (How they can find out more or signup.)
    Readable font size

  90. Online Marketing Ides

    For local businesses include the names of the areas that you serve

    If someone searches for "Orange County spa" you want to show up in the results even if you are just ...

  91. Online Marketing Ides

    Create a lightweight design that will load quickly on any internet connection.

    Nothing turns a visitor away faster than a page that won't load.

  92. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Buy newspaper advertising space.

  93. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Get a toll-free number to project a better image

    and capture national customers (you can get them for $2/month at kall8).

  94. Local Marketing Ideas

    Advertise on a billboard

  95. Local Marketing Ideas

    Advertise on buses or taxis.

  96. Local Marketing Ideas

    Hand out trinkets:

    keychains, pens, magnets, etc. with your contact information on it.

  97. Online Marketing Ides

    Don't link to sites that are seen as bad sites by the search engines

    (Make sure they are well listed in Google)

  98. Email Marketing Ideas

    Don't worry about how often, just provide high quality content.

    Our [Newest Marketing Ideas Newsletter] is at most sent out once a month, only when there is somethi...

  99. Social Media Marketing Ideas

    Participate in wikis.

  100. Social Media Marketing Ideas

    Build a online social network.

  101. Online Marketing Ides

    Have friends or family test your website and get there feedback.

    Did they know what your site was about? What they could do or get there? Was there anything that was...

  102. Online Marketing Ides

    Don't pay a company to submit your site to the search engines.

    The search engines will find you as soon as you have links from other sites. (Directories, articles,...

  103. Online Marketing Ides

    Upload your product feeds to Google Products,

    Google Base, Shopzilla, NextTag and other product listing sites.

  104. Offline Marketing Ideas

    If you miss a call you don't have to miss a customer.

    Offer a special discount on your voice mail or quickly talk about some of the greatest benefits of y...

  105. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Donate to a charity.

  106. 0 -3
  107. Local Marketing Ideas

    Get shirts, hats and other fashionable accessories printed with your logo or business slogan on it.

    Wear them around town and give them to others.

  108. Local Marketing Ideas

    Sponsor a team.

  109. 0 -1
    Local Marketing Ideas

    Put business cards on cars

    less pollution and people are more likely to keep them versus a flyer.

  110. Online Marketing Ides

    Get that content in front of the eyes of some of the more established sites in your topic.

    (By commenting on blogs, interacting in forums, etc.)

  111. Email Marketing Ideas

    Use tested and proven copy.

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