Marketing Ideas for Your Business

Offline Marketing Ideas
Offline Marketing Ideas

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  1. Create a marketing plan.
  2. Build your own referral network of business professionals that you send clients to and receive clients from.
  3. Put up posters or business cards in public libraries, meeting places and local businesses. See more Local Marketing Ideas.
  4. Offer informational brochures to teach your customers about your industry and products.
  5. Write articles for a local magazines, publications or business journals.
  6. Give away something for free.
  7. Have a marketing plan, but also have a follow-up plan to keep customers once you get them.

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Online Marketing Ideas
Internet Marketing Ideas

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  1. Advertise through the search engines and track your results. See more on Search Marketing Ideas.
  2. Strengthen customer relationships and generate more sales by sending out an email newsletter.
  3. Create great content and tools that will get linked to by other sites.
  4. Create relationships with bloggers and website owners. Give insightful comments on their blog posts and begin conversations on social media sites.
  5. Offer free redistributable downloads with your branding as a viral marketing tool.

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Business Marketing Ideas

Your business has its own unique set of marketing opportunities and challenges. While the foundations of marketing (unique benefits that the right customer cares about) are the same for every business, certain marketing ideas work better for one type of business over another.

Small Business Owners: You have the unique advantage of knowing your customers on a personal level. You will have an easier time turning your customers into fans. Give them more than they expect and watch as your customers begin to do the marketing for you.

Service Professionals: You are not the only service that your client uses. So build a referral network with other service businesses that sell to your same target market. If you offer services to businesses you might look at other b2b companies. If you are an accountant you might focus on networking with a marketing company, web designer, or lawyer.

Marekting Ideas by Business Type:

Real Estate Agent
Financial Advisor
Beauty Salon
Writer / Journalist

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