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  1. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Follow up with your existing customers

    It is cheaper to market to customers you already have than to find new customers. Can you create a new product or service that your current customers need? This is part of the reason it is so important to build a customer list. Start collecting emails and contact information... Read more.
  2. 33 -3
    Offline Marketing Ideas

    Create a marketing plan

    It's important that you always know the next step you can take to marketing your business. If you don't know what you are going to do next and have it high on your priority list then it is very easy to get caught up in operations instead of growth.
  3. 30 -3
    Offline Marketing Ideas

    Talk with everyone you meet about your business.

    You'd be surprised how many others are also looking for people to help them increase their business. You also may find businesses with the same target market in places you never would have expected.
  4. 28 -4
    Offline Marketing Ideas

    Ask for recommendations and referrals

    New ideas and new business comes often from clients, employees, partners and people you already know. Don't underestimate your contact network or forget that many of them know somebody that your service can help.
  5. Local Marketing Ideas

    Always carry a business card with you.

  6. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Create a marketing plan and budget.

    What are your goals? how are you going to get there? (Budget, action steps, etc.)
  7. 18 -3
    Offline Marketing Ideas

    Creating a business marketing referral network

    helps generate permission based leads, new marketing ideas and the possibilities for joint advertising campaigns.
  8. Email Marketing Ideas

    Build an email list and use it for good!

    Email, like it or not, is still the highest converting, most important, form of online marketing. Building an email list of your customers, clients, and those that are interested in your industry is the most important thing you can do to promote your business online. Email m... Read more.
  9. Social Media Marketing Ideas

    Engage, don't automate.

    Unless you really engage your audience in a way that matters to them you probably are not going to see much result from social media marketing.
  10. Salon Marketing Ideas

    Place your salon logo and contact details on the products you sell and give away.

  11. Social Media Marketing Ideas

    Use HootSuite to manage multiple social profiles.

    Hootsuite is one of the most cost effective social media management systems on the market. It helps you market your business across multiple social networks from one dashboard. It is integrated with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+, YouTube, Flickr, Instagram, Tumblr... Read more.
  12. 12 -3
    Offline Marketing Ideas

    Take one marketing action step each day.

  13. Online Marketing Ides

    "Link Bait"

    with catchy article names and content like "99+ Internet Marketing Ideas"!
  14. Email Marketing Ideas

    Offer information or special deals and coupons through an emailed newsletter.

  15. Email Marketing Ideas

    Place newsletter signup forms in your store.

  16. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Create a new product or service

    that is either better or cheaper than your current product.
  17. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Stack services or products together to create a special package and promote that.

  18. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Host a business marketing forum and invite small business

    owners from your area to talk about business and marketing ideas that have and haven't worked.
  19. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Postcards can be one of the more affordable

    ways to get a new product or service in front of the eyes of past customers.
  20. Search Marketing Ideas

    Use paid search engine marketing to drive traffic

    1. Create a search marketing budget. How much will you need to spend to get a sale? How much profit do you make per sale? How will you track and improve your ads? 2. Advertise through Google Adwords. Largest market, most searches Highest competition May need to focus on a sm... Read more.
  21. Search Marketing Ideas

    Use local search marketing area specifications to target a specific city or zip code.

    Again reducing competition and increasing effectiveness.
  22. Email Marketing Ideas

    Track everything.

    Clicks, where they go, short term ROI as well as long-term projected ROI.
  23. Social Media Marketing Ideas

    Publish your own blog

    Ping blog directories Use Feedburner
  24. Local Marketing Ideas

    Create a mobile app to market your business

    A mobile app is not as hard, or expensive as it may sound! You no longer have to pay an app developer thousands of dollars when it comes to a building a basic mobile app to market your business. There are multiple services that allow you to use their web based tools to build... Read more.
  25. Salon Marketing Ideas

    Strong image for your salon

    Image is important for any form of a beauty salon. This is both an image inside your establishment as well as what is seen outside. Have a logo and slogan that defines your business and separates it from the competition. What colors are you using, why? What is your logo, for... Read more.
  26. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Send your customers a newsletter (mail and email)

    Keeps your business in the front of their mind Generate repeat business Generate referrals
  27. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Help further your customers knowledge

    by sending them a tips or advice bulletin.
  28. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Help your customers look good

    by offering your services to help them in a meeting, seminar or other event.
  29. 9 -3
    Offline Marketing Ideas

    Have a sale

  30. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Target your market and watch for news,

    trends and events that effect that market.
  31. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Create a better store sign or logo.

  32. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Higher someone from your target market group

    to come up with new and creative marketing ideas.
  33. Salon Marketing Ideas

    Hold a salon day at a local nursing home.

  34. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Be selective about who you network with.

  35. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Build relationships with other business owners or professionals

    with the purpose of creating a business referral network. Find other business professionals at: Chamber of Commerce meetings Trade Shows Trade Associations Industry Events Clubs Networking Organizations
  36. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Get written testimonials

    from some of your customers and put them up in your store or online.
  37. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Have a brochure to handout to potential customers

    Also make brochures of new products and services to send to past customers.
  38. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Place an ad in a local magazine or paper.

  39. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Write an article for a local magazine or paper.

  40. Local Marketing Ideas

    Have well designed business cards.

  41. Local Marketing Ideas

    Volunteer to speak at local events.

  42. Local Marketing Ideas

    Ask those you know to help you find leads.

    Give them business cards or trinkets and ask them to hand them out if they run into someone interested in your product or service.
  43. Social Media Marketing Ideas

    Write articles for sites.

  44. Restaurant Marketing Ideas

    Give an offer they simply can't refuse and that supports your USP

    Put your extra marketing budget into your offer. If you have positioned yourself as having the best Thai food then really go for that. How about a ticket that says "Pad Thai Challenge: if it's not the best you've ever have had your next meal is on us." - The details would be... Read more.
  45. Salon Marketing Ideas

    Have a logo and slogan that defines your business and separates it from the competition.

    What colors are you using, why? What is your logo, for what purpose? Does your slogan tell people what you do? Does it set you apart from the competition?
  46. Salon Marketing Ideas

    Find leading community members in the markets

    your want to pursue and offer free services to them.
  47. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Participate in a trade show

    get a booth or at least attend them and talk to people.
  48. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Ask a group of customer or employees

    to be a part of your advisory panel and run new products, services and pricing by them.
  49. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Send a postcard instead of a letter

    they are cheaper, already opened and can be seen by everyone who handles the mail.
  50. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Offer your product as the prize for a local contest

  51. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Offer something free:

    A consultation A gift Seminars Product Demonstration
  52. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Cross promote in or on products of other businesses that target your market

    You can get creative with this one. How about an optician partnering with a book store. Put large print flyers in books that say, "Having trouble reading the text? Come see us." and small print notes in new eye glass cases that reads, "Put your new glasses to good use..." Read more.
  53. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Offer your product in a school or non-profit fund raiser.

  54. Local Marketing Ideas

    Hang up flyers, posters or business cards

    at community halls, libraries, or other local businesses, with their permission of course.
  55. Local Marketing Ideas

    Advertise on local websites.

  56. Real Estate Agent Marketing Ideas

    Be the best Real Estate Agent!

    Being the best means being the best in your niche, your special area of the market. That may be large estates or entry level condos. What can you be the best in? It might even be the best at finding a very specific type of house for a very specific buyer, like modern design... Read more.
  57. Salon Marketing Ideas

    Offer a free manicure with pedicure.

  58. Salon Marketing Ideas

    Offer a free tan when your customer brings a friend.

  59. Salon Marketing Ideas

    Offer a free service with other service (free manicure with pedicure)

    Offering a free service with service can be a great idea during slow periods.
  60. Salon Marketing Ideas

    Offer a free manicure or hair styling as a prize for a local charity event.

  61. Salon Marketing Ideas

    Offer free services to the friends of your current clients.

    Ads extra incentive for your clients to talk to their friends about your salon.
  62. Salon Marketing Ideas

    Offer a free specialty conditioner with coloring or highlights.

  63. Salon Marketing Ideas

    Create a social environment and encourage groups to come by offering group discounts.

  64. Salon Marketing Ideas

    Offer a free product with service (free conditioner with highlights)

    A free product with service can seem like a better deal since $30 of your time is $30, but $30 of could be $15.
  65. Local Marketing Ideas

    Blog about local events

    Two great things about blogging about local events - 1. You get to use lots of local based SEO keywords. Make sure to talk about exactly where the event was and who was involved. This is a great way to come up in more search queries without stuffing keywords into your websit... Read more.
  66. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Hold open panel business forums

    that appeal to your potential customer groups.
  67. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Design attractive business cards:

    Hand out your business card to anyone who may need to contact you. Give those close to you, business wise or personally a few business cards so they can hand them out when they meet someone in need of your product. Always have your business cards with you. Place a special of... Read more.
  68. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Submit articles to industry publications.

  69. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Write a book.

  70. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Hold a contest.

  71. Local Marketing Ideas

    Teach a class.

  72. Local Marketing Ideas

    Get involved with local charities.

  73. Online Marketing Ides

    Build one-way links by:

    List in related quality directories Posting in related forums Commenting on related blogs Guest blogging Writing guest articles Submitting articles to directories Social bookmarking your site
  74. Online Marketing Ides

    Submit your site to the DMOZ directory

  75. Online Marketing Ides

    Create an affiliate program to promote your product or service.

  76. Online Marketing Ides

    Create a site targeted at a specific niche.

  77. Viral Marketing Ideas

    Make a hilarious video that features your product.

  78. Salon Marketing Ideas

    Emphasize relationship and social marketing,

    if you are a salon that people talk about you will have a line out the door.
  79. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Distributing Postcards to Potential Leads

    When many people think of print advertising, they often only think of brochures and flyers. Postcards can be another very effective way of getting new leads to hear about your brand. Due to their collectibility (many people are postcard collectors), a postcard in the mail is... Read more.
  80. Online Marketing Ides

    Assign or Hide a specific menu item or module for your registered and logged in members

    Sometimes, you may need to hide a specific menu item or module for your registered and logged in members , but at the same time, show it to the public users, who are not logged in. Joomla brings the capability for that. Okay, here is how to get this done, 1. Create a new gr... Read more.
  81. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Meet with your business network partners often.

  82. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Send your business network partners lots of referrals.

  83. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Offer free informational pamphlets in your store or at events.

  84. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Place your contact information on the products

    you sale so the customer always knows how to get in touch with you.
  85. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Throw a party or special event for your best customers.

  86. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Submit a press release for a new product, promotion or milestone.

  87. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Advertise on a billboard

  88. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Make a decorative scene on the top of or inside your store.

  89. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Offer samples or refreshments in your store.

  90. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Look for job offers or those looking for your product or service.

    Freelance sites Craigslist Lead generation sites
  91. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Volunteer to be on the board of an event.

  92. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Volunteer in non-profit organizations

  93. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Offer your product as the prize for a contest

  94. Offline Marketing Ideas

    Wear shirts, hats or other items with your logo or business slogan.

  95. Local Marketing Ideas

    Volunteer to be interviewed on a local radio station.

  96. Local Marketing Ideas

    Attend Chamber of Commerce and other local business meetings.

  97. Local Marketing Ideas

    Hold open panel business forums in your community

    where community members can ask questions to your
  98. 4 -3
    Local Marketing Ideas

    Place ads in the classifieds section or your local newspaper.

  99. Local Marketing Ideas

    Host a BBQ.

  100. Search Marketing Ideas

    Look for new niches and customer groups

    to offer your products and services to (web designer for automotive shops) to decrease competition.
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