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  1. Email Marketing Ideas

    Build an email list and use it for good!

    Email, like it or not, is still the highest converting, most important, form of online marketing. Building an email list of your customers, clients, and those that are interested in your industry is the most important thing you can do to promote your business online. Email m... Read more.
  2. Email Marketing Ideas

    Offer information or special deals and coupons through an emailed newsletter.

  3. Email Marketing Ideas

    Place newsletter signup forms in your store.

  4. Email Marketing Ideas

    Track everything.

    Clicks, where they go, short term ROI as well as long-term projected ROI.
  5. Email Marketing Ideas

    Select a newsletter that is relevant and informative.

    Is it something that you would delete or actually read?
  6. Email Marketing Ideas

    Collect emails at tradeshows and other events.

  7. Email Marketing Ideas

    Place a newsletter subscription form on your website.

  8. Email Marketing Ideas

    Send quality informative content in your newsletter.

    People sign up to your newsletter because they are interested in what you do and who you are. Give them what they are looking for. For some this is special offers, latest news or industry insights. Make it special.
  9. Email Marketing Ideas

    Advertise in email newsletters

  10. Email Marketing Ideas

    Set an objective to your campaign.

  11. Email Marketing Ideas

    Don't worry about how often, just provide high quality content.

    Our [Newest Marketing Ideas Newsletter] is at most sent out once a month, only when there is something really great that business owners need to know about. It's better to have an infrequent email newsletter that's always read than a frequent newsletter that goes straight to... Read more.
  12. Email Marketing Ideas

    Use tested and proven copy.

  13. Email Marketing Ideas

    Test on a smaller segment of the target audience first.

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