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    Create a mobile app to market your business

    A mobile app is not as hard, or expensive as it may sound! You no longer have to pay an app developer thousands of dollars when it comes to a building a basic mobile app to market your business.

    There are multiple services that allow you to use their web based tools to build an app.

    A study by AnyPresence showed that over half of companies spend between $25,000 and $100,000 on each mobile app they develop and 25% spend more than $100,000 into each app.

    There are app builders that I have seen which have a good price/features return for small businesses.

    The one I would recommend is Seattle Clouds as they give the option of paying a one-time fee off $199 for 1 app or $597 for 5 apps. Most other services take a monthly fee of $49 per month. This includes, the other service I like, but $49 is for the yearly payment of $588. Seattle Clouds is a bit rougher around the edges, but has more features and once you have paid the $597, you never have to pay it again.

    Seattle Clouds would enable your business to create an app that can:
    Send Push Notifications - Messages you send from their website to all of your users’ devices.
    RSS Feed Reader - Convert your RSS feed into a mobile page.
    Share - Easy to spread the word about your app via Facebook or email.
    PDF - Include multimedia PDFs. Product/service PDFs with the ability to add video and audio content to you PDF files.
    GPS/Directions - Displays an interactive map. Show current location and directions to your location.
    GPS/QR Coupons - Customers get coupons when they are in the area of scan a QR code.
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